George Shinas is a guy you notice. He’s large enough to define his space in a room, and he has the manner of someone who’s accustomed to being listened to. And well he should be — he’s a Criminal Court Judge in Australia’s Victoria Province.

George also makes wines that are every bit as big and commanding as he is. He has a passion for wines and wine making that comes through in his words and his bottles.

George grew up with wine: the son of Greek parents who emigrated to Australia in 1952, he was quite literally raised in their restaurant. Wine was a part of their heritage and lifestyle, and eight generations before him had made their own wine. George’s wine was so popular in his home town of Mildura that other restaurant owners begged him to sell it to them. George finally sold his first commercial wine in 2002 and Shinas Estates was born!

To this day, Shinas Estate remains a micro boutique winery making wines the traditional way. The wine-making secrets and method have been passed down through the generations.

Shinas Estate is based on the outskirts of Mildura, Victoria on the majestic Murray river. The regions Mediterranean climate and ancient soils make the perfect partnership for growing premium grapes and producing fine quality Shinas Estate Wines.

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The Guilty, Shiraz CSPC #749384
The Verdict, Cabernet Sauvignon CSPC #749381
The Executioner CSPC #749382
The Executioner Magnum CSPC #786243
Sweet Justice, Moscato (Bubbly) CSPC #749383

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