Ron Relicario is based on a prized rum which had been kept in two bottles and stored in an old reliquary for many a year. It was not until a few years ago that Beveland Distillers had access to this reliquary, discovering the contents of these two bottles and the rum found within. 

As one who guards a prized treasure, our bottle of rum is inspired by the very reliquary that held such unique aromas, flavours and history. Ron Relicario Superior and Supremo are rums that pay homage to this formula, transferring tradition and know-how to today’s market, so connoisseurs of the finest rum can discover the secret of authentic Dominican rum and savour the legend itself.

Relicario Peated Finish has been developed from Relicario Superior, aged for between 5 and 10 years in the Dominican Republic and then aged for a further 6 months in American oak barrels that contained whisky peated (barrels of 250L).

The casks come from the renowned area of Speyside (Scotland).

Aroma: As a result of it being an aged Dominican rum, aromas of sugar cane juice and vanilla are prominent, produced by the ageing at source, perfectly combined with hints of smoke, peat and malt and nuances of nuts from the final ageing in single malt barrels.

Flavour: It is robust, long-lasting and persistent in the mouth, with a drawn-out flavour providing smoky touches that give it a very special character.

Swallowing Sensations: Deep-bodied with an aromatic complexity that fills the palate with perfect harmony between the aged notes and the smoky nuances.

Relicario Supremo is the result of a combination of basic 10-and 15-static year-old rums.

Colour: Dark sparkling amber colour, full purity and transparency, revealing traces of dark mahogany on the glass. As it slides through the glass, it presents a thick and persistent layer as it falls.

Aroma: Notes of vanilla, coconut, dried grapes and prunes. Secondary aromas remind us of chopped oak wood, notes of dried fruits, nuts and almonds. The final aroma is smooth, balanced, of a unique aromatic spectrum that identifies the product and eliminates the irritating smell of non-aged alcohols.

Flavour: Refined, elegant, balsamic, slightly perceptible sweetness, composed of a combination of well chopped oak wood flavours, with tones of dried fruits and dried sweet grapes and smoked notes.

Swallowing Sensation: Full body, smoothness, light sweetness and a fruity taste of dried grapes without astringency or bitterness. It fills the palate, and gives the sensation of having smeared the palate with quite a thick solution.

Relicario Superior is the result of a combination of basic 5-and 10-static year-old rums.

Colour: Transparent liquid, with a dark amber colour, allows light to pass through with noticeable bright flashes, free of particles in suspension.

Aroma: Aroma of rum aged in oak barrels, correct balance between its components, slightly sweet, recalling the scent of prunes with dried ripe grapes.

Flavour: Obviously aged, well evolved, slightly perceptible sweetness, combined with a flavour of well chopped wood with tones of vanilla and dry sweet almonds.

Swallowing Sensation: A sensation of quite a thick liquid on the palate, It fills the palate, leaving a light tingling sensation balanced with a slightly sour note without being irritating, a feeling of gentle heat in the throat, typical of its alcohol content.

854142 Relicario Ron Peated700mL/4
854141Relicario Ron Supremo700mL/4
854139Relicario Ron Superior700mL/4
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