Our new ‘Private Collection’ range encapsulates the very essence of our philosophy to do right by the whisky. It features a truly exceptional and unique collection of greatly-aged single malts from celebrated, little-known and closed distilleries across Scotland.

Whiskies bottled from our ‘Private Collection’ have been personally selected by members of the Urquhart family that has owned Gordon & MacPhail for four generations. Each is a unique and exquisite chapter in Scotland’s history of whisky.

Our ‘Private Collection’ range allows discerning whisky enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy some of the oldest and rarest single malts in the world. These latest releases epitomise the expertise and commitment that has gone into pairing spirit and cask over 123 years and four generations of the Urquhart family. Thanks to the foresight of my forefathers, we have one of the most extensive single malt whisky libraries in the world, with expressions from over 100 Scottish distilleries.

When a whisky from our ‘Private Collection’ leaves it’s spiritual home in Elgin, it’s like saying farewell to a family friend. – Steven Rankin, Director of Prestige

Glenrothes 1974

Aroma: Complex; aromas of sherry soaked fruitcake filled with stewed sultanas mingle with sticky medjool dates. Dark chocolate and citrus peel notes develop; a gentle woodiness with a delicate herbal edge comes to the fore. 

Taste: Elegant, smooth, and sweet; subtle cinnamon and nutmeg flavours balance the mature oak and sherry influences. Notes of fruit and nut chocolate, toasted walnut, and hints of raisin emerge and evolve into zesty citrus. Salted toffee develops towards the end.

Finish: A modest, medium sweet finish fades; hints of charred oak and chocolate remain.

Inverleven 1985

Aroma: Intense tropical fruit aromas to begin – cooked pineapple, honeydew melon, coconut cream, and little burst of sharp yet sweet lime. A sweet creaminess continues with notes of vanilla ice-cream, sugared red apples, apricot jam, and white chocolate. Hints of overripe cherry and almond marzipan develop into flowering gorse.

Taste: Creamy and mouth-coating; warming white pepper notes transform into sweet flambéed banana, madagascan vanilla pod, and salted toffee. subtle spicy undertones remain as toasted malt comes to the fore; a drying cocoa and charred oak edge develops. 

Finish: A long and lingering charred oak finish with a subtle floral edge.

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