North Star Spirits, winner of the “2020 Independent Bottler of the Year” at the Scottish Whisky awards is a Glasgow based independent whisky bottler priding itself on bottling on the finest single malt, blended malt and blended Scotch Whisky.

We specialize in artisan single cask whisky from all regions of Scotland. We also bottle small batch gins, rums and bourbon whiskey. All of our products are small batch, with no chill filtratration and always at cask strength.

More About The Independent Market – from Owner Iain Croucher

Independent whisky bottling is a beyond exciting industry that mostly flies beneath the radar of mainstream consumers. When we buy and bottle one cask of whisky, I am governed by how much whisky is in that one cask.

For example, I may purchase a delightful cask of 10 year old Laphroaig, and when I empty that cask to bottle, there will be roughly 250 bottles available.

I bottle at cask strength and I am very transparent on the label as to what wood it is matured in, the ABV, when it was distilled/bottled and the unique tasting notes of that single cask. Every cask is different, which means that when those 250 bottles are sold and consumed, there will never be another exactly the same; it’s a joy.

Mainstream brands are mostly about consistency. Nose, taste, ABV and sometimes colour have to be the same. This highly skilful process of blending casks from a single distillery is what it takes to keep a brand in the mainstream.

North Star focuses its energies on the curiosities, peculiar oddities and obscurities – whisky as it comes, straight from the cask and into a bottle – nae funny business.

Due to the nature of Independent Bottling, the available products are constantly changing.

For current availability, please contact us.