First Legal Distillery on the Isle of Raasay

Illicit distilling is said to have taken place on Raasay as recently as 1850, and archaeological evidence remains today of a still in a collapsed rock shelter on the island. Over 150 years later, whisky has finally returned to Raasay. This time legally.

The Hebridean Isle of Raasay is the perfect location for distilling, maturing and bottling island Scotch Whisky. Our core Raasay expression will be a lightly peated, fruity single malt that combines centuries of expertise with Raasay’s high quality natural ingredients and idyllic landscape.

Provenance, people, and fine-tuned whiskies are at the heart of everything we do.

Handcrafted Scottish Gin

Local botanist Dr Stephen Bungard helped us hand-pick only the best juniper on the island before we distilled and infused our Raasay and traditional botanicals together in our copper malt spirit still along with water from our well. The result is a refreshing, zesty dry gin with a lasting aftertaste that encapsulates Raasay’s style, character and impressive geological variety.

Raasay’s remarkable geology, island shores, our modern Scottish island distillery and unique water source inspired both the creation and presentation of the island’s first Scottish Gin.

Fresh and aromatic, with juniper, citrus and a hint of rhubarb.

Dry with a burst of juniper, orange and a richer rhubarb note.

Dry and zesty.

Perfect Serve:
Orange zest strips and a premium mixer. The dry nature of Isle of Raasay Gin also makes it the perfect base for your favourite gin cocktails.

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