Cadenhead’s Rum – No molluscs or pirates, just the best Rum in the world.

Our approach to rum mirrors the attitude we have when creating our whisky range. It is natural, non-chill filtered with no added colouring.

We have been bottling rum since we were based in original location in Aberdeen. Former owner Robert Duthie, nephew of William Cadenhead, established the company as being known for bottling quality rums in the early 1900s.

We use a limited number of casks per bottling, including single cask releases, from rum distilleries around the world. This means that every Cadenhead’s release is limited and unique.


Cadenhead’s Classic Blended Rum is a blend of Caribbean Rums bottled at 50% abv. Although it is a continuous product it can vary between batches as we never mass produce. This means that every Cadenhead release is limited and unique. Contains no added sugar.

Just like with our whiskies, we are proud to say that;

  • We do not add artificial colouring
  • We do not chill filter

787657Classic Rum750mL/6
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