At Bodegas San Valero (BSV), tradition and innovation go hand in hand in the production of a wide range of wines surprising every vintage.

BSV is formed by Bodegas San Valero, belonging to the Denominación de Origen Protegida Cariñena (Protected Designation of Origin), and Bodegas Gran Ducay, belonging to the Cava Regulatory Board.

Founded in 1944, BSV has  over 700 winegrower associates.

Soil, climate and altitude – between 400 and 800 m- come together to turn this land into an excellent place for the wine-making activity. The different microclimates in this area influence in the ripening process of wine grapes, providing a wide range of features to our wines.

Placed between the rivers Huerva and Jalón, most of the vines are raised in a 3,500 hectares area.

Particular Wines

Particular Garnacha

Born from strong, brave and wild vines, grown at high altitude, the Particular Garnacha 2017 is a very clean, intense and bright wine. A drawing of a cross on its label reminds us the ancient way in which winegrowers marked their bottles to differentiate them from each other in the cellar.

Tasting Notes

Deeply cherry coloured with violet tones. A nose of intense aromas, with hints of ripe red fruits and floral tones. Tasty, harmonious, very well balanced and well structured on the palate. A long, soft and smooth finish, with lovely integrated tannins. Serving temperature: 16º – 18º C

Pairing: ideal for oily fish, roasts, white meat and grilled cold meat.

CSPC #820550

Particular Garnacha Old Vine

It is made with the queen of our vineyards, the Garnacha from our old vines coming from a unique terroir characterized by its stony soil and the extreme climatological conditions in which vineyards grow. As a result, these vineyards give bunches of smaller, concentrated, intense and aromatic grapes. It is a powerful, tasty and complex wine that will surprise the most exigent palates.

Tasting Notes

Deeply cherry coloured, well covered, it has aromas of black ripe fruits, with balsamic hints and subtly spiced, given by its aging in barrels. On the palate, it has a powerful entry, juicy and very tasty, with good persistence of retronasal aroma, fruity and ripe.
Serving temperature: 16º – 18º C
Pairing: ideal for all types of meat, mainly red meat and stew, and for oily fish.

CSPC #820551

Particular Garnacha Viñas Centenarias

It is an elegant and restrained wine of exceptional quality, made from grapes growing in our oldest vineyards. 100% Grenache, it is a full-bodied, aromatic, soft and balanced vintage wine. It is the perfect choice to enjoy on special occasions.

Tasting Notes

This wine offers an intense cherry red colour, well covered with garnet trim and violet tones.  The nose is very frank with intense aromas of ripe and spicy fruits, roasted on a balsamic background.  In the mouth it is structured, tasty and powerful, with fine tannins, soft and balanced with a long and elegant palate finish.  Serving temperature: 16º – 18º C

Paring: Red meat, stews, cured cheeses and all kinds of game meats.

CSPC #820553

Particular Chardonnay Moscatel de Alejandría

This soft and aromatic white wine is made with grapes of small and round grain, and it becomes the finest from Chardonnay and Muscat of Alexandria varieties.

The cross drawn in its label represents the work of ancient winegrowers who marked their barrels in this way to differentiate them from each other. Elegant and fleshy, this wine is the perfect choice to be enjoyed every day.

Tasting Notes

Bright, pale yellow with greenish hues. Ample, intensely varietal aromas. On the palate it is dry, soft in the entry, with a nice and cool acidity.
Serving temperature: 5º – 8º C
Pairing: fish and all types of seafood.

CSPC #820554

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