2009 Russian River Valley, Balletto Vineyard Pinot Noir

WesMar 2009 Balletto Vineyard

The Winemakers have been producing wine from this vineyard for eight years. While John Balletto farms approximately 1% of all of the grapes produced in Sonoma County they are always appreciative of his small farmer practices. The care and quality that goes into his vineyards is of the utmost importance to him and these efforts are apparent in the end result.  When the winemakers first began buying fruit from John, they had their choice of a multitude of clones, rootstocks and trellising systems. Due to the proximity of this vineyard to the influences from the Bodega Bay breezes flowing off of the Pacific Ocean they chose the Pommard clone due to its earlier ripening. This decision has turned into a winemaking joy. This earlier ripening fruit produces wines that are very dark in color, very aromatic, fruit flavors that are a jubilee of berries, clearly defined acidity, and an unmistakable touch of white pepper and spice.

CSPC #748550

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