High Roller Cabernet 2009

High Roller Cabernet 2009

REGION – Napa Valley

AROMA – Black Cherry, blueberry, cassis, lavender, toasty French oak.

TASTE – The entry is very round and concentrated with a smooth intensity. The middle palate is full and seamless.  Black cherry and cassis flavors come through first showing nice clarity. The evolution continues for several seconds and a long residence time is fully rewarding. The tannins are abundant yet fine-grained, strong yet supple and supported by full fruit flavors. This is an elegant yet powerful wine showing great balance and aging potential.

High Roller is JAQK’s flagship wine. This delicately crafted Cabernet Sauvignon is made from 100% Napa Valley grapes, harvested by hand to allow our winemaker maximum control during the crushing and fermentation processes. The wine is aged in small French oak barrels for 2 years, then fined with egg whites for finesse and elegance in the tradition of Bordeaux-style Cabernets. It takes considerably more effort to go this route here in the U.S., but the result is a more complex, more flavorful, more balanced wine. And one that ages extremely well. A wine of this caliber is something that the connoisseur will want to have well represented in his wine cellar. And to help ensure a long life, we’ve paid particular attention to the bottle that will be its home. We chose the king of vessels, the mighty Imperiale, and had one custom made for us in Milan, Italy.

CSPC #736784

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Giving Back

Gold Medal Marketing believes in giving back. With this in mind, from time to time we will have a single barrel bottling of Single Malt Whisky where a portion of the proceeds are donated to charity. Our current bottling is with Springbank Distillery, a 12 Year Old Single Cask, Cask Strength, Single malt, matured in Refill Sherry Casks. Click here to learn more.