Black Clover Merlot 2007

Black Clover Merlot 2007

REGION – Napa Valley

AROMA – Cherry, cassis, olive, dark chocolate, raspberry, integrated oak.

TASTE – The wine begins full and round with mouth-filling tannins. Powerful, yet balanced, this wine is full of elegance and finesse, which carries through into a long finish.

90% Merlot, 6% Cabernet, 2% Cab Franc, 1% Malbec, and 1% Syrah

Irish lore tells of incredible luck being bestowed upon anyone fortunate enough to find a four-leaf clover. Ten thousand times more rare than the three-leafed norm, spotting one is an indication of both luck and a keen eye. It just so happens that these two attributes can bring great fortunes at the card table, turning a peasant (the class the suit originally symbolized) into royalty. Unfortunately for those already possessing great riches, the reverse is also true. So, caution, friend. We celebrate the ability of a man to improve his lot in life with our Black Clover Merlot.

CSPC #740863

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Giving Back

Gold Medal Marketing believes in giving back. With this in mind, from time to time we will have a single barrel bottling of Single Malt Whisky where a portion of the proceeds are donated to charity. Our current bottling is with Springbank Distillery, a 12 Year Old Single Cask, Cask Strength, Single malt, matured in Refill Sherry Casks. Click here to learn more.