Enkidu Wines

Enkidu engages in non-interventionist winemaking, meaning that they employ a minimalist approach in creating their wines. The result are wines carefully crafted and nurtured that are distinctive and expressive.

Winemaker and owner, Phillip Staehle learned his craft at Carmenet Vineyards. Enkidu’s winemaking style is to create wines that are first and foremost an expression of the vineyard. They strive to extract all that they can from their fruit in order to create wines of balance, complexity and, frankly, just good flavors.

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Giving Back

Gold Medal Marketing believes in giving back. With this in mind, from time to time we will have a single barrel bottling of Single Malt Whisky where a portion of the proceeds are donated to charity. Our current bottling is with Springbank Distillery, a 12 Year Old Single Cask, Cask Strength, Single malt, matured in Refill Sherry Casks. Click here to learn more.