Deerfield White Rex


Like the Red Rex it has all the best elements of each of its components and what’s more, its greater than the sum of its parts. Peach from the Pinot Grigio, crisp apple from the Sauvignon Blanc, that certain Chard-iness everyone secretly loves, and a touch of off-dry from the Riesling. Serve well chilled, preferably wearing a swim suit.




In a blend by Robert Rex, there’s a reason for everything. Here is what he says each varietal in White Rex brings to the table:

  • Pinot Grigio
    • White Peaches
    • Fresh fruit sweetness
    • Top palate flavors
  • Sauvignon Blanc
    • Brightness
    • Minerality
    • Side palate flavors
    • Tropical fruit
  • Chardonnay
    • Opens mid-palate flavors
    • Hint of oak
    • Depth, length and finish
  • Riesling
    • Acidity
    • Creates refreshing finish
    • Herbal qualities on the front of palate

CSPC #759287

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Giving Back

Gold Medal Marketing believes in giving back. With this in mind, from time to time we will have a single barrel bottling of Single Malt Whisky where a portion of the proceeds are donated to charity. Our current bottling is with Springbank Distillery, a 12 Year Old Single Cask, Cask Strength, Single malt, matured in Refill Sherry Casks. Click here to learn more.