Deerfield Black LogoDeerfield Ranch Winery is an award-winning winery located in the heart of the Sonoma Valley in Kenwood, California that specializes in small lots of handmade wine from select Northern California vineyards. Currently Deerfield Ranch has 17 vineyards under contract and make as many as 40 separate lots of wine from those vineyards. They make several wine varietals and blends, something for everyone, a wine for every occasion.

Deerfield Ranch is one of the few Certified Organic Wine Producers in Sonoma County. They hand pick and hand-sort the clusters, de-stem the berries without crushing, mechanically shake out the small shot berries and then hand sort again to remove anything that isn’t perfect. Good fermentation management helps produces wine that is stabile and clean, with very low histamines, which at more common levels may cause red wine headaches. Little sulfite was necessary so when the wine is consumed the sulfite level is well below human threshold, so no headaches and no allergic reactions.

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