Campbeltown Loch 21


This blended whisky consists of 60% malt whisky (12 single malts) and 40% grain whisky. It has been blended by Springbank Distillery’s Director of Production Frank McHardy, who has used his 50 years’ experience in the whisky industry to craft a superb dram.

Nose– Incredibly complex. Sweet with notes of malt and cereal at first, giving way to rich, ripe fruits, soft peaches and orange marmalade. A drop of water brings out butterscotch and pears.

Palate– The sweetness from the nose is still very much in evidence. A full-bodied whisky with honey,  marzipan and nougat to the fore. A little bit of vanilla ice cream and rhubarb sweets develop over time.

Finish– Rich, sweet, fruity, oily and very well balanced.




CSPC# 759954


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