Atholl Brose Scotch Whiskey Liquer

Atholl Brose

Scotch Whiskey Liqueur

REGION – Speyside, Forres

NOSE – Sweet and spicy – cloves & cinnamon, eucalyptus & menthol aromas all present. Subtle fruity element detectable.

PALATE – Sweet, warming with menthol and peppermint notes. Spicy, herbal flavours and a subtle whisky edge.

Atholl Brose Liquer Tasting Notes
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In 1475, under a sentence of death, John, the Last Lord of the Isles fled to the hills. The Earl of Atholl and Crawford set off in pursuit to enforce the sentence. Upon discovering where the fugitive was drawing water, the Earl of Atholl ordered that the well be filled with a mixture of whisky, honey, herbs and oatmeal so as to encourage him to stay put while reinforcements were brought. Alas the Lord of the Isles was beguiled and “Atholl Brose” was invented.

Atholl Brose is an extremely versatile liqueur; enjoy it straight, on the rocks and with mixers – all the year round.

CSPC #741156

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