Green Label Rum

Cadenhead Green Label Rum

Green Label Rum

REGION – Caribbean

NOSE – With a candied nose, with hints of cinnamon, charcoal, and marshmallow. Dark gold.

PALATE – A caramel sweetness on the tip of the tongue, and settles out with chocolate notes, and cooked pineapple, lightly tingling at the back of the tongue. No sense of burning, no bitter aftertaste, gradually filling the mouth with a pleasant warmth.

Cadenhead is probably the only Company in the world that holds extensive stocks of old matured-in-oak Demerara Rum. Particular emphasis is paid on the individuality of each bottling and only a single cask of Rum is bottled at one time.

Cadenhead’s Green Label Rum has been bottled from a specially selected individual cask. With the exception of the addition of water added to bring the Rum to a drinking strength, it has not been treated to change its colour and is free from all additives. It has not been subjected to any chill filtering that might remove natural constituents and spoil its flavour. It will have the unique flavour and aroma of its individual cask.

CSPC #723793

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