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The firm of William Cadenhead Ltd, Wine and Spirit Merchants, was founded in 1842 and is Scotland’s oldest independent bottler. The company was in the ownership of the same family until taken over by J & A Mitchell & Co. Ltd in 1972, the proprietors of Springbank Distillery.

William Cadenhead Ltd. was sold to J & A Mitchell & Co Ltd., proprietors of Springbank Distillery, one of Scotland’s oldest distilleries still owned by descendants of its founder. The name of Cadenhead is now a household name in the whisky world, and the present owners have expanded the Cadenhead business whilst still keeping the goals and traditional methods the firm began with in 1842.

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With attention to every detail, CIRKA take pride in creating unique, high quality spirits. They believe every bottle is an expression of where they live and who they are.

 CIRKA’s spirits are a local expression of everything around them. Québec’s terroir is rich with high quality grains, pristine water and unique aromatic botanicals from the northern boréal forest. Located next to the historic Lachine Canal, our distillery and products are inspired by Montréal’s creative energy, cultural diversity and renowned ‘epicuriosity’.

CIRKA is proud to be the first grain to bottle artisanal distillery in Montreal open to the public. Using sustainable practices for their production, they make all of their spirits using local grains. CIRKA want you to enjoy the results as much as they enjoy the process.

CIRKA works with local suppliers and producers to source high quality ingredients as a base for their spirits: non-GMO grains, fresh botanicals and pure water. Substance is about more than what’s in your glass.

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Gordon & MacPhail

Located in the city and Royal Burgh of Elgin, Scotland is the family owned and managed firm of Gordon & MacPhail. The iconic retail shop on South Street still thrives today on the site where the business began in 1895. Since those early days the company has grown into one of Scotland’s leading independent whisky specialists through wholesaling, bottling and its own distillery in nearby Forres.

Gordon & MacPhail bottles over 300 expressions of single malt Scotch Whisky from distilleries throughout Scotland.

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