Kilkerran “Work In Progress 2”

Kilkerren Work in Progress 2

Kilkerran Work In Progress 2

REGION – Campbeltown

NOSE – Light and fragrant, the nose leads you into the dram gently. Refreshing lemon citrus, hints of pear and just a dash of sherbert.

PALATE – Masses of sweet vanilla immediately take over the tastebuds before the classic Campbeltown salt hits the tongue. Creamy toffee and butterscotch become apparent.

Kilkerran "Work In Progress 2" Tasting Notes

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In May of 2009 at an open day held at the distillery, the global launch of Kilkerran “Work in Progress” Single Malt took place. This will be part of the “Work in Progress” series and will allow you to follow Kilkerran Single Malt as it matures from 5 years old towards it full release age of 12 years old. The 2010 release consisted of 18,000 bottles.

Kilkerran Single Malt is lightly peated and double distilled.

CSPC #737403

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