Old Pulteney, 1995 CS

Old Pulteney, 1995 Cask Strength


REGION – Highland, Wick

NOSE – Hints of antique wood – and wax polish. Sweet with defined fresh and floral notes.

PALATE – A subtle hint of spice, rounded, sweet and fruity. Green apples and fresh cut grass.

Old Pulteney 1995 Tasting Notes
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Old Pulteney Distillery lies on the Southern side of Wick, it is Scotland’s most Northerly mainland distillery. At one time Wick was deemed to be such an unruly place that it suffered froma period of prohibition. Ironically, Pulteney was still producing its whisky throughout the period of enforced abstinence.

The whisky was dubbed the “Manzilla of the North” due to the salty character that has been picked up during the maturation.

CSPC #742731

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