Cadenhead’s Rum – No molluscs or pirates, just the best Rum in the world.

Cadenhead’s approach to rum mirrors their attitude when creating our whisky range. It is natural, non-chill filtered with no added colouring.

They use a limited number of casks per bottling, including single cask releases, from rum distilleries around the world. This means that every Cadenhead’s release is limited and unique.

Cadenhead’s Gin – Tasting great for the last 46 years, not the last 46 minutes.

Old Raj gin has been produced for Cadenhead since 1972 and is available at 46% and 55% abv. Bottling takes place is Campbeltown. This quality floral gin has a slight yellow tint due to the addition of the saffron. This valuable and rare ingredient is added post distillation.

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Old Raj Gin Since 1972

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Classic Rum – 50% CSPC #787657
Old Raj Gin – 55% CSPC # 723794


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